Book Review Soon to Come: “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson

I must thank my good friend Russ (custom local jeweler – Dare2Dream) for passing me “Snow Crash” to read. I have been rather addicted to reading it when I am on my lunch breaks at work and well… It makes my vision of dreams more than plausible. It’s one that any computer or internet geek should read, because it almost paints a picture of what the internet could/should be in a decade or two. I have had days where the ‘net just seems no fun to me so “Snow Crash” is a rather nice way to wind down before bed. Keep a look out for the blog and my thoughts on a great book.

One thought on “Book Review Soon to Come: “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson”

  1. C'mon. A pizza delivering hacker swordsman with the name Hiro Protagonist. How could this book go wrong? I liked it a lot. In fact, I liked it almost but not quite as much as I liked Cryptonomicon, also by Neal Stephenson. My copy is available for you to borrow if you're interested.

    Oops. I almost forgot to recommend The Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Shea if you like the direction that Stephenson went in this book.


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