Happy 2010 Dear Readers!

I’d personally like to wish you all a Happy New Year’s Day and pray you all spend it with the one’s you love. I know I had quite the bit of fun at a New Year’s Eve LAN party, especially when my host decided they wanted a new monitor but they were a bit drunk to even consider driving. I linked up my machine with my host’s TV at a fun 1360×768 resolution while they were ecstatic over a huge upgrade from a 1028×768 CRT monitor to a 1600×900 20″ flat screen LCD.

The highlight of my night would have to be the fact that I had almost the entire team of my “gaming guild” (The Creed of the Deadly Artichoke) as well as the founder of Clan Avalanche chatting together in Steam as we were waiting for the New Year to come by. The socializing and interaction of everyone just either gaming, drinking and clinking ethereal beer bottles/champagne glasses together, and plain having fun.

I welcome 2010 with open arms and have faith it will bring good things to me, my friends, and the world.

I plan to have more guest editors and staff editors pushing quality work and hopefully… a new era of this blog.


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