Thanksgiving, Post Delays, Recruiting Additional Staff

So it begins… The day of feasting for a year’s harvests is upon us as well as the other things it brings us. Such as football games, reunions of family, and just good food. To my readers, fans, friends… I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the US, I raise my glass to you. Stay safe, don’t get too crazy, and do have fun.

I know my posts have been delayed, but all in all, they are being worked on. I spent quite a bit of time working on my Gyromancer review. I will say that don’t let the price fool you, as the game has finally cranked a notch and is actually hard finally. I will explain more once I have the review online.

I have been considering expansion as a few editors on hand would be good to keep the site’s content fresh. So hopefully, once I have my crew together… I’ll be able to keep this site relevant with the times.

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