Personal Blog is Slowly Going LIVE!

I bit the bullet last night to buy a domain and also get myself some private hosting for the time being. I am with Dreamhost, so I can spiff anyone who wants a domain and site package with discount codes.

It's been a bit rocky so far with Dreamhost, but their staff is rather helpful.

I plan on uprooting and transferring my entries from here to the new domain possibly tonight.

The new blog will have a fresh face and be powered by WordPress… it will mainly be personal with maybe some affiliate links to generate a little bit of revenue to "self-maintain" the site.

The purpose of this endeavor is the following

  1. Establish a professional presence on the web
  2. Allow for my friends who do not wish to become members of blog communities to comment on my work
  3. Possibly expand the blog into a fusion of personal and professional entries
  4. Keep myself "conscious" and writing, especially with things like a fitness blog or rants

I would be surprised if this leads to something different, but I won't hold my breath. I would love to do freelance writing for a journal or paper at some point, so we shall see.

Thanks for those who have me on RSS and have pointed and prodded me with plenty of ideas and suggestions.

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