My Feature Article! Huzzah!

Andrew of BerryTastic was able to review my article featured on BerryTastic. To my surprise, he was rather pleased with it! The graphic the staff over at BerryTastic made for me was rather fun! To see the article in it’s glory… Check the link here! It’s not technical, so no techno-babble there. It’s a simple article that may help those that have been wanting a functional smartphone, but they don’t want a digital toy.

I would also like to make mention that if anyone out there is a “noob” to Blackberries… Join up BerryTastic! They are a small community of blossoming users from 15 – 50+ year old folks but we are kind to anyone who wants to join our ranks! Just tell them that Zero sent ya! 😉 I want to say that the staff is also a hoot to talk to via Blackberry Messenger as well!

For those who want to chat me up late nights… Feel free to e-mail me if you want my PIN. I love Blackberry Messenger and the people I have met from both PinStack and BerryTastic have been really sincere to me!

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