Presents, Booze, and Hookers – Comedy and Fun

With cases of pneumonia going around and the same with strep, I hope everyone stays warm and tries to keep inside today. Most establishments are closed today so there’s not much to do anyhow. For those late risers, wake up and open your presents already! To those who had a late night 😉 I hope you didn’t have too much fun with drinking and having sex. If some of you are “trapped” with family, try to make the most of a “day of forgiveness” and spend time with your loved ones. To those who unfortunately must spend this holiday alone, find a friend to hang with to try to enjoy today. (A little alcohol and Christmas spirit never hurt anyone!)

As for me, today will probably be spent talking and laughing with my cousin Sol, playing online games, possibly calling distant friends, writing, and hanging out with family. Family’s “truce” with me is a bit short lived, so I do wish I had some good whiskey or amaretto to sip on the rocks while having a blast with Sol. I don’t have a strong PC anymore, so PC gaming is a bit limited on my scope. My portable games are pretty close to completion, I just have to buckle down and get the games completed.

I hope that those of you who got presents got pretty sweet ones, ’cause I didn’t get anything. Not that I “need” anything, but today is more a day of reflection for me. To be mostly out of debt is a thing that has a value that cannot be compared and I thank my family’s charity for that. Purchasing this domain is somewhat a gift to myself, as I had been meaning to purchase my own site and make a more “professional” looking web address but things kept setting me back. I know that Merinda helped me with the purchase, so I can’t take all the credit for gifting myself.

To those who got a lump of coal in their stocking, feel free to comment and go reflect on this year while doing a shot of liquor or a bottle of beer/ale. With 2008 on the horizon, you can recover and amend things for the new year. I look forward to a new year of opportunities, hopes, and dreams… Most of all, I hope that my wild gamble of a plan works… because if it does, then I will have redeemed myself.

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  1. Sounds like your xmas wasn't great. Sorry to hear that. Mine was better once we got to my families house. (David didn't really include me in his families xmas so it was nice to be somewhere where I felt wanted.) While I didn't get the 2 things I really wanted (Need for Speed Carbon for PS2 & Guitar Hero Legends of Rock) what I did get was nice. Instead of Guitar Hero, since it was sold out, David got me the Pink Floyd the Wall cd's I asked for, dad got me this kick ass Marines baseball cap, mom got me a nightgown (which I had asked for, since she wanted to know, either Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, Carbon, or Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End, but that's my mom for you) & I got my nieces old swing from my brother and sister-in-law (that'll save me $ when my baby comes hehe). Oh from my grandmother David and I got a new bed set. I mean the WHOLE set. So that was cool cuz we needed one & we got some cookies and hot cocoa from my aunt in Minnesota and a $20 gift card from my cousin to come christian store. His aunt Kim, his stepdads sister, gave us a gift card to Sonic. I don't know what his brother and his gf got him but they didn't get me anything. (No big deal I didn't really expect anything.) His mom and Dave didn't get either of us anything. (Since they didn't have much $ I guess they just got us both nothing rather than getting only him something.) His sister got us some blankets for the baby along w/ a teddy bear and a teddy bear piggy bank we can paint ourselves. I think that about covers it.

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