Lord Buddha, Thank You for My Liberation…

I have had what I feel to be the most hellish 7 days of purgatory I have ever experienced from a biological function standpoint. I have had sinus allergies before, but what I suffered (pardon my use of swear words) was the most fucking agonizing experience of choking on mucus and smelling nothing but mucus ever in my own damned existence! I give credit to water, the microwave, lemon hibiscus tea, clover honey, Mucinex-D, Claritin for saving my sorry hide from the suffocation of the mucus. Bigger credit goes to my mother and her use of accupressure to unblock my chi points related to my respiratory functions… It hurt like the most agonizing pain, but it’s helped in unimaginable ways! However, I will admit that me coughing up the bane of my ability to breath is not the most appealing way to look at me.

I know I have been overdue for a post here, school has actually been quite a lethal force on me. Combine that with my miserable condition and well… You get Zero being morbidly fatigued both in the mental and physical vectors. I will probably do a “Day in the Life of Zero” with plenty of pictures detailing my “usual” day at school. Expect it to be relatively entertaining and dare say… hilarious! Expect mug shots of me or candid and funny images of stupid shit I encounter as well. Maybe the possibility of a trip to the infirmary should my allergies continue their murderous tirade… I hope to god not though.

My school wiki is LIVE so if some of you readers are part of my class, feel free to steal, leech, and even ADD to my notes! Collaboration is the lifeblood of a wiki, word-up!

I know that I have a tech review that’s long overdue, but I’ll get it done in time… I just need the consensus of one of my peers for that. It’s more my “white paper” on computer gaming from the casual gamer’s point of view. For readers wondering what my “resume” in gaming is… It’s primarily FPS, RTS, and MMORPG. I like those genre in particular as they suit me and I have friends who delve into each genre. In my opinion, the experimentation has rather been a success.

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