Thanks from my Soiree – [Thank You Post]

Last night was a night of fun and casual elegance… We had a grand time of conversing and dining and the best part being that it was with a few of my friends that I cared the most for. My friend Devon showed up and I had not seen him since almost 2001! That in itself was surprising as we reflected on amusing memories.  My partner and her roommate also showed up for the event, so they were terrible amusing as well! With that being said… With Sol to the mix, we were just socializing and having a wicked fun time. We feasted on many items and relished in the taste of them as well as how much fun we’ve had in this life.

With back to school nigh, it was a final celebration of freedom before the educational grindstone. I am thankful for the few friends I have but even more thankful for the ones who could make it to my event. You all mean the most to me!

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