My Thanks to the Surgeon of Metal and Future Plans

I left ZeroXR 13mg with a post outlining a rather dire situation. As things were looking… they were not going to end well. That changed today. My friend David managed to finagel things so that we could attempt to try to salvage my predicament. The radiator, he picked up a stock unit from Gary out at Track Dog Racing for a fair price of $40. My deepest regards go to him for helping a student down on his luck. That sort of understanding is almost lost in the modern day era. This simple act of kindness from Gary has made me want to hopefully bring my business to his shop once my finances open up a little more so that I may be able to do my supercharger upgrade at some time. David managed to procure the new radiator fan for about $38 and the missing radiator hoses at $48, post tax comes to about $92. The last few water hoses and the fuel filter were the bitchy part, but once those locked in… we were good to go.

The test run and drive home yielded good results. Devil’s performance seems stabilized, even more so with the new radiator fan, obviously. Devil seems to behave in a more coherent manner now, which is important considering I am going to Texas A&M Commerce for school this fall. It’s good to see my machine in tip-top shape and once I can burn my gas tank down to the end and drop in some fuel cleaner… Maybe I might see my fuel efficiency increase.

Ultimately, I want to thank my friend David for helping me out with everything. It was troublesome, but to have a friend help you out when your funding has been tight means more than anything. I owe him big time for it, as a shop would have probably charged me a good $1,000 in labor easily considering how tight some of those hoses are.

Now… With Devil repaired, what does this mean for the office of ZeroXR 13mg?

I plan to hit the gym for sure and shift away from my home work outs. The home work outs were ok, but being around my parents while the recite depressing banter about me is not really an inspiring environment for important personal progress. Tomorrow, I’ll be returning to my push and pull schedule at the gym. I may try to push my limits higher. We’ll see. I’ll probably be doing my booster dose of creatine and carb stack with a finish of my whey protein shake for sure. Tomorrow for divinely great punishment… I will be doing push based exercises. Why? Cause I miss stacking weights on for squats!

I know I have been meaning to be less of a recluse… but with regard to my job falling apart on the inside, my family demanding more expedient repayment, and a few more automotive issues to be addressed… I may have to consider either a second job or do something to generate a good amount of money. I am playing with the idea of selling my PSP and DS… I love them both, but as things stand with my family for the most part… I may be parting ways with them.  If anyone knows someone who could use a DS or PSP… let me know, least before I decide to randomly throw it up on Craigslist.

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