3 Months – A Follow-Up and Progress

With retrospect to things… It’s close to 3 months when a chapter of my life that had cast an ugly hex on me finally came to a dead stop. It was a hard road full of memories I though were treasured, but when I analyzed them all and then looked at myself: I realized I was underestimating my own self. Of the 4 years worth of memories, there was only 1 year worth mentioning. The rest, I have forgotten and written in with brand new memories from my great and upstanding friends. You all deserve the highest honor for how well you all have supported me and kept me up beat. I lack the proper verbage and monetary flow to even express my gratitude, but to you all… I thank you dearly from my estatic heart.

So what’s been going on at the hallowed office of ZeroXR 13mg? Quite a bit actually! Russ and Yamcha had asked me to focus on good public relations due to the matter of my former associate essentially slandering and libeling my reputation in Dallas. So I have been trying to push myself to social gatherings for true fashionistas, original bohemian artists/photographers, geeks and intellectuals all around to immerse myself in good people and good vibrations. It has done well for my reputation as some of the supposed irreversible damage has finally began to shed off.

In light of the reputation talk… [Cue Announcement]

Rei who was runner up for my Bluetooth haiku contest will be receiving a Plantronics Explorer 350 courtesy of the “ZeroXR 13mg Looter’s Chest” and NewEgg. Newegg is where ZeroXR does his technology shopping online to snipe the deals and makes sure he gets a fair price on his goods. Let’s have a round of applause for Rei!

School is looming closer and closer with the passing of the days. I have my dormatory arrangements set-up and then the matter of financing my education being the final hindrance I need to seek resolution to. I basically have a short way to go before I may achieve my dreams of being a pharmacist, so I look forward with breaking new limits and setting the bars higher on my threshold for knowledge. The anticipation kills me as it’s like a showing me the gateway of power, but not giving me the keys to the kingdom. I look forward to possibly meeting new friends there and beginning the final steps on my career choice.

The site has been slowing down I know from my social tendencies to talk to others or even go to the bars just to drink and converse with good people. It’s been fun with my occasional quirky tangents, but I just haven’t had much of a budget for any new tech toys to test out. Conversely, that has lead me to enjoy some of my cheaper joys in life… like finishing my DS and PSP games which most are finally coming to happy conclusions! In addition to that, I have met a lot of new friends and building new relationships to build myself as sort of a ZeroXR remix rather than sadly dote on a past full of pain.

Lastly… I have been basically trying to relax when there’s downtime for ZeroXR 13mg or when friends bail on hanging out with me. Sol, my dear cousin, got me hopped up on World of Warcraft and I have been burning my time off there. Anyone who would like to venture around is more than welcome to contact me. Here’s my gamer data if you want to tag me:

Elune Server – Zeroxr – Human Mage (Primary)
Shadow Council Server – Luceferi – Human Paladin
Ravencrest – Elandranae – Night Elf Druid

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  1. I know this is über late. >_> >_< <_< I rolled a 99 ( phew! ) to open the Looter's Chest from Zero, compliments of ZeroXR.com. <3 I had to get used to it but it's been working nicely for me. I think it's just Ayu / Itoen's house kicks ass at random dead spots. ;P It's all shinie with flashie colors, perfect for someone like me ( if I didn't look so terrible I'd give you a pic of me with it on. =P ) ! XD Again, sankyuu for having such a fun contest and great readings! ::huggles and kisses::

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