Punishment Game II – Crunches until I could crunch no more.

I let the Avenged Sevenfold single “Warmness of the Soul” play on Suzaku while I did my second punishment game on working out to failure. The full sit-ups were great but the crunches throughly wore me out. The last one I could muster before I just plain couldn’t trudge along anymore were the jack-knife sit-ups. I think the exhaustion from the crunches setting in killed me. I finally was wore the hell out. Tomorrow, I have plans for Punishment Game III and the target will be my arms and chest. My body will hate me, but when the muscle grows even larger, I don’t think they’ll mind me amping up the challenge.

70 full sit-ups, 200 crunches, 40 jack-knife sit-ups

A new day, a new stimuli! If you’re a Family Guy fan… you’ll recognize this dialog from the 6th season

Joe: “C’mon dudes let’s go exercise!”
Quentin: “EXERCISE!!!”
Joe: “YEAH!!!!!”
Parker: “I’m gonna do sit-ups until I poop myself!”

One thought on “Punishment Game II – Crunches until I could crunch no more.”

  1. Good job. lol to "My body will hate me…" Man… I remember after David and I got together I started doing 100 crunches a day to try and get in better shape. (Can't let some Marine be in better shape than me right? lol Yeah right.) I can hardly sit up in bed now days. lol We are hoping/planning to get on some type of routine after baby comes so we can get in shape. I want my old body back! I alreay found a couple Victoria's Secret bathing suits I want. lol (Only one of them.)

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