Cheat Day – 3/24/08

Ended up just catching up on the times with a few friends and all and it was due today. I couldn’t even concentrate on myself so I completely lost focus on my whey protein, which I will be fine, as I substituted for. I will forego the Crea-Tech Extreme from it containing 2 grams of taurine which is almost as lethal as some serious coffee. I had fun and even caught up with some friends.  Tomorrow, I do pulls to amp myself up for upper chest work… as if I didn’t tear enough arm muscle Saturday from shifting boxes around. I probably may do some gut-buster sets to get the abs tingling again, I can feel the muscle tissue from Sunday on my abs going “damn dude… you put us through the ringer!”

Blueberry bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese (blueberry flavor) – 400 calories

Monster Energy – 100 calories
Clif Builder bar Peanut Butter Fudge – 270 calories with 20 grams of protein (Zero’s Note: For some reason, the peanut butter tastes like cardboard.)

Italian Chicken Florentine dinner – 1,100 calories (estimated, mostly from carbs and proteins)
A glass of white wine – 120 calories

2 shots of Rain Vodka – 140 calories (average for vodka is 70/shot)
1 can of Coke Classic – 143 calories

Grand Total: 2,273 calories

One thought on “Cheat Day – 3/24/08”

  1. As much as you were worrying about the calories from mixing that one stuff w/ some type of drink to make it taste better you still sit there and drink alcohol which obviously has calories and has no nutritional value what so ever. *tisk, tisk* I should bonk you like on the V8 commercials. CUT OUT USLESS CALORIES! Or limit them to like once a week or something.

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