A-Kon Dallas 2010

So me and Noirsword decided to hit up A-Kon Dallas for shits and giggles and as well as for scoping out the dealer’s room. So far (9:55am) the popular cos-plays are Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts related themes. There seems to be a fair share of Team Fortress 2 which seems to correlate with anime folks playing it. There are some old skool cos-plays as Noirsword has noticed as well. I will say it looks busy at almost 10am and this is without entering the dealer’s room. As far as odd vendors and appearances go… Lush (the soap company) and Halolz were by far the most interesting.

I also got to see some killer indie Japanese games from Rockin’ Android. They were selling some killer indie titles as well as promoting their Gundemonium Collection that they are bringing to America via PlayStation Network and selling it as a DVD-ROM for PC in their booth.

The vendor’s rooms was so-so… Lots of weapons vendors, which is odd. Especially with the fact that they weren’t selling anime related. There was one vendor who sold tons of vintage games ranging from Famicom, Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 with some pretty rare titles.

Game rooms were sparse and pay-to-play of course. The PC room had computer’s with running Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2 as well as some Battletech pod units. The console area had consoles with various competitive games there.

I nabbed a box of Final Fantasy Figures. Overall it was a crowded convention and it shows in the crowded hallways. The transition of things from 9am – 1pm was amazing. The scent went from tolerable and clean to plain disgusting in a slow gradient. It’s just amazing how lack of hygiene is so simple to rectify and yet so disgusting when you don’t bathe for the sake of your fellow convention attendees.

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  1. huh… I didn't notice the lack of anime-related swords. I skimmed over the sword displays this year. Usually they have a ton of crap from Bleach and Kingdom Hearts, etc.

    That retro gaming booth is the best. I got both Oracle of Seasons and A Link to the Past *COMPLETE WITH BOX AND MANUAL* from them. I saw they also had Japanese FF6, Chrono Trigger, and Super Metroid for the SNES… and TWO copies of Chrono Trigger w/ box & manual for the SNES as well.

    As for the last bit… there's a saying "smells like A-Kon" for a reason, sadly XD honestly though, I think a good bit of it is the nature of being in warm costumes in a Texas summer. People go outside, come back in…and they're stinky. You'd have to bathe several times a day to keep the stench away.

    B and I went to the Abney Park concert Sat evening… It smelled awful… and everyone was close up to one another, standing-room only… ugh…

  2. I meant more weapons in general… there were a number of sword and gun vendors. As far as game prices… most of them were really bad as far as prices go. Then again I am the frugal shopper who was scanning damn near everything on the floor to make sure I got a good price on it. 😉 Like my Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini figures.

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