The Orphan: The Road to Fitness, No Longer Traveled Alone – One Hundred Push-Ups

For all those who are regular subscribers to Zero’s blog, he’s recently posted a new entry. He intends to perform the seemingly impossible One Hundred Push-Ups within six weeks. For the keen eyed, he’s also issued the challenge to me. I’m not one to post for the world all about my private life, but for the purposes of physical health, I accept the challenge. My initial test is embarrassing but honesty is paramount. My count is 2. I’m not over weight nor am i as scrawny as i make myself out to be, but I do feel as though a back story is necessary.

Not many know this but I, at one time, wore the garb of one who serves his country. I was sworn into the US National Guard of Virginia in 2001 JUNE 6. I was told, “This is the perfect time to join, nothing is going on right now.” Flash forward to later on, Virginia National Guard is activated and I am expected to complete training and ship off to Afghanistan. While I was in training my knees began to give way. End result, I was let go on a General Discharge without even completing Basic. It saddens me that I was not able to graduate with fellow recruits, however… This is not to say I would have enjoyed my time with the military. I hold no personal disdain towards my dear old Uncle Sam, but for the reasons I was let go… I do feel as though the military is responsible for catching the problem when i was being processed prior to entering.

Since then I’ve spend my off time behind this very computer screen and others like it wasting my time away. Not all of said time is for naught, as I have improved my writing skills as well as learned other traits, but I still feel as though I could do better for myself. I’m not as physically sound as I was back in high school and most of my physical efforts have been wasted trying to earn dollars by the hour. That is no way for me to live my life and I seek to attain more!

As of today my knees still give me problems, my heart sometimes can’t keep up with me, and I find myself shying away from things even I can see I can handle physically (like lifting over 75lbs), and it is for these reasons why I am joining Zero in participating in this rigorous and extensive method of improving my physical form as well as increasing my stamina. Bare in mind… I don’t see this as a competition, as we both strive to achieve the same goal for ourselves. I am doing this for three reasons:

1. It is long over due!

2. As a former military recruit, I know the power of a single push-up!

3. Even miles away… I feel motivated and inspired by the actions and desires of a true friend!

Together we’re gonna make it happen, brother!

From orphan to nomad,
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