Plea for Inquiry: PC versions of Blur and Split/Second NOT optimized

So I decided to send out the following as an e-mail to Kotaku’s tip line in hopes of someone taking a look into it… If anyone wants to spread word… Please feel free to and attribute my letter properly.

“I am a long time reader and I don’t know if this has been made a point yet but…

I had bought Split/Second on May 18th and ever since, it has been unplayable. The frame rate is jumpy… It will bounce from 2 – 15 frames per second on the menus and on races, it will go from 9 – 2 FPS. Disney/Blackrock have been baffled at this. I had a help thread open with them since the release of the game (5/18) and the trail of help seems gone cold…

With Blur, I noticed something very similar to Split/Second where the game will take forever to load and in the races my frame rate suffers. However the frame rate is slightly playable with occasional frame rate dumps to 2-5 FPS and then jerks up to a stable frame rate. I haven’t measured the changes with Fraps, so I can’t give a measurement…

However, on browsing both the Steam and Bizarre Creations Forums I have noticed that some people have been saying that they are noticing that their processor are being strained yet the graphics cards are barely in use. Below are 2 threads making mention of this: – Steam Community Bug/Request List – Blur PC Performance thread, Second reply by Benetti32

My machine is no slouch and can crunch other games pretty hard… Specs can be seen at the link here:

Would it be too much to ask for you all to look into this as a news story? I’d hate to think I spend $80 on 2 games that should run at a stable rate. Even more so to think that $40 is completely down the drain as I can’t even enjoy Split/Second at all and feeling like Disney/Blackrock have done silent on helping me.


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