Signing off until the Anniversary of ZeroXR 13mg

So… with exams starting tomorrow… I decided to hit “home” at Whitley hall early. Family was instigating a minor verbal scuffle, so naturally, I was fighting to escape ASAP and focus on a good mentality. In my demonic haste… I packed up all the stuff to stabilize my laptop’s life, but failed to pack up the power cord.

With the sad shape of my battery, I only have 3 hours of power over 3 days. From that, it nixes any gaming I may desire as well as randomly browsing 4chan/7chan/711chan/0chan for amusement. The only thing is… I am cut off from my loved ones who speak to me via instant message or e-mail. This probably depresses me the most of all things.

At the same time… It’s a sign from my divine beneficiaries that if I am to start off my week with the worst battle first, I will have to fight until the bitter end. There was apparently a blessing to any Chemistry 111 and 211 students from my professor that the grade from the final exam will also replace the lowest grade from the standard exams. So for me… I will fight onward to ensure a stable victory. I am not asking for an A in Chemistry as the last few things have diminished that very quickly… But to manage a C is the objective and a B to be a “bonus” objective.

History and Math I am not too worried about… I have done my work so I am alright there.

For my family, friends, and fans… If you wish to give me kind words: Send me a text message. If you need me to talk to you for encouragement, give me a call. My phone is now my life line until Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 1pm.

Also, December 10th is the first year of ZeroXR13mg and’s existence. Any celebration should be reserved until 12/10/2008 after 1pm.

Thanks for the support for either my academic life or the life of this site… From here on out… I will lock down Suzaku and sign off from my laptop. I look forward to coming back live on Wednesday. For those of you taking exams with me… Good luck to you!