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Finals, Excitement, and a Reprive

So my last few finals are today and tomorrow. I am fighting to do battle with a paper on evaluating a symphony and sleep is killing me. Let this be a lesson to myself: I shall learn better than to procrastinate on something absolutely vital to my academic success. Don’t get me wrong, I love the topic I am writing about, but after a week of drama, rage, high speeds, and coffee… It has reduced me to a crawling pace. Once it’s all over, then my pain shall be uplifted from me from academics.

Work is getting better, I think. Progress at the office has been wonderful with regard to the new lady working with me. She fulfills the term “partner” very well as she works with me rather than being a hindrance to me. My recognition for my merits have been growing from both my superiors as well as my clients. This has bumped my morale up a notch, so I am feeling rather good about it.

I am already looking forward to the weekend as it will be good to kick back and relax. My cousin Sol is coming back in town and we’re looking to kick it “old skool“. I will also be able finally relax and rebuild on the tattered remains of my life and attempt to get it back on track. I am also trying to hastily speed up the rate of repayment to my parents so I can be square with them for their assistance. I just hope that an end to the nightmare is coming soon. I know I could use it.

A New Home and A New Haven

My friend Merinda hooked me up with a discount to Dreamhost to begin my professional musings and maybe some personal works. I thank her for her kindness and hope that my viewers will grow with time.

As for me, I would like to say a friendly hello to any potential viewers stopping by to see my site. I plan to focus serious articles on things like technology reviews to be on Linux distros, video games, mobile phones. Every now and then, there may be a personal post or rant from my life and even goof off a bit. This site will also be home to my “logs” of the day for things like my “fitness diary” or any sort of trials (i.e. 1 month with random tech item, etc).

For newcomers of my blog… Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Zero and I am just an enthusiast about life, technology, cars, and open source software. My passions are games, medicine, driving, computer & electronic modifications, and wine tasting. I am quite approachable and kind to all walks of life as experiences can open up the mind. I am a very passionate individual who seeks to learn as much as I can by immersion. For the curious, here’s what my “gear” as of today is comprised of…

  • Dell XPS m140 laptop – powered by Ubuntu Linux
  • Smartphone: Sony Ericsson P990i with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (World Edition, unlocked)
  • Beater Phone: Sony Ericsson W300i (AT&T branded but unlocked)
  • Sony PSP Slim (PSP-2001) in Piano Black with a 512mb Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Nintendo DS lite in Onyx

I have decided to host privately due to the restrictive nature of Vox imposing on the freedoms of my friends and I feel this would hinder the growth of the blog to the general public. Unfortunately, WordPress developers have not yet found a way to import posts from Vox over… With over 100 entries, that could be tedious to do by hand. Until a solution can be found, I will just hot-link any curious readers to my previous blog: My Old Home

Feel free to drop a line and say hello if you wish!