Cheat Day – 3/24/08

Ended up just catching up on the times with a few friends and all and it was due today. I couldn’t even concentrate on myself so I completely lost focus on my whey protein, which I will be fine, as I substituted for. I will forego the Crea-Tech Extreme from it containing 2 grams of taurine which is almost as lethal as some serious coffee. I had fun and even caught up with some friends.  Tomorrow, I do pulls to amp myself up for upper chest work… as if I didn’t tear enough arm muscle Saturday from shifting boxes around. I probably may do some gut-buster sets to get the abs tingling again, I can feel the muscle tissue from Sunday on my abs going “damn dude… you put us through the ringer!”

Blueberry bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese (blueberry flavor) – 400 calories

Monster Energy – 100 calories
Clif Builder bar Peanut Butter Fudge – 270 calories with 20 grams of protein (Zero’s Note: For some reason, the peanut butter tastes like cardboard.)

Italian Chicken Florentine dinner – 1,100 calories (estimated, mostly from carbs and proteins)
A glass of white wine – 120 calories

2 shots of Rain Vodka – 140 calories (average for vodka is 70/shot)
1 can of Coke Classic – 143 calories

Grand Total: 2,273 calories

Tech Teaser: Crossloop (VNC Client) Review Coming Soon!

Unfortunately, I don’t have screenshots… so you all will have to bear through a technical review, unless someone wants to be a “tester” so I can capture images or ask you to do so. If you all are wondering what I am doing up late… Had a bad nightmare and I am a little amped from it. Keep a watch here, cause I will post it as soon as I can hammer it out.

Workout and Food Log 03/23/2008 – Late Gut-Buster Session and Snacking

So according to my friends I passed out and napped at the office of ZeroXR for a short bit. I think the workout regimen is seriously increasing it’s appetite for fuel. I ended up just making a whole wheat peanut butter and honey. Not to much impact there… (That was around 9:45pm) Almost an hour later, my body craves a snack. I did do my gut buster set before my sandwich, so that should round out my day. I will probably have some Rice Krispies, fresh strawberries, Teddy Grams and bananas as my second snack.

Peanut butter and honey sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread – 330 calories

Rice Krispies and 4 fresh, large strawberries – 203 calories

Banana – 120 calories

Fun Sized Teddy Grams – 60

Grand Total: 1,997 calories

Late gut-buster set

  1. 12 Crunches
  2. 12 Bicycle crunches
  3. 12 Cross crunches
  4. 12 Crunches
  5. 12 Bicycle crunches
  6. 12 Cross crunches
  7. 12 Crunches
  8. 12 Bicycle crunches
  9. 12 Cross crunches

Food Log – Dinner and Early Evening Snack 3/23/2008

A quiet family dinner today, nothing too fancy. There was leftover fried tofu from last night and some steamed rice, ended up helping myself to that. They invited me also to eat an avocado with them and that was great. Ended up snacking on a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch a little after and it’s helping me balance out. Later on… I may just eat a banana to boost up my potassium levels and recharge me.

Rice and fried tofu – 500 Calories

Avocado – 234 calories

Small bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch in Silk soy milk – 220 calories

Grand Total: 1,284 calories

Workout Log 03/23/2008 – Mid-day Gut-Buster Session

Easter Sunday has been boring for me today with nothing to do… I wanted to challenge myself and try to up things and inspire the abs to say “Damn, we got flogged!” I decided to take a note from ExRx and do some remixed sit-ups from their list of waist exercises. I picked the crunch-up, the jack-knife sit-up and the v-ups for this round. They are pretty damn hard but did 2 sets of each in reps of 12. It’s got my abs tingling… but that’s what I need to keep me amped up. I need to find something to eat, cause the whey protein shake and Crea-Tech are losing caloric value already and my body is asking for food…


  1. 12 V-up’s
  2. 12 Jack-knife sit-ups
  3. 12 Crunch-ups
  4. 12 V-up’s
  5. 12 Jack-knife sit-ups
  6. 12 Crunch-ups

Fitness and Food Log: 3/23/2008 Gut-Buster Set, Whey Protein + Crea-Tech

Today I took it a little easy on myself to allow my body some time to concentrate healing my arms and legs from how hard Friday was. I would keep to the natural concept of 8-12 reps and 6-9 sets for progressive overload and not tax my abs again that my body requires additional healing on another vector. Before my sit-ups, had a 1/2 dose of whey protein and a spoonful of L-Glutamine, did my sets, and finished with my Crea-Tech Extreme. I feel refreshed and vital again with working out and it’s just great that my body seems to lap-up the exercises I throw at it.

1/2 dose of Whey protein and 1 teaspoon of L-Glutamine – 200 Calories, 18 grams of protein


  1. 12 Crunches
  2. 12 Bicycle crunches
  3. 12 Cross crunches
  4. 12 Crunches
  5. 12 Bicycle crunches
  6. 12 Cross crunches
  7. 12 Crunches
  8. 12 Bicycle crunches
  9. 12 Cross crunches

Maintenance dose of Crea-Tech Extreme – 150 Calories, 10 grams of creatine

I may work in another set of crunches towards the middle of today and then another set towards the end. It seems that I am not challenged enough on it, but I should not push the intensity too high. I’ll log the rest of today’s eating and activities here as I get a chance.

Happy Easter and Explanations of Site Tweaks.

First of all, I would like to wish all of my readers a happy Easter Sunday. If it’s pleasant, go outside and bask in the sunshine! If it’s miserable and hazy, well… get creative! I know I may not be doing anything today but home training my abs and trying to eat and water up here, save if friends invite me out to do anything. My body is seriously dying from needing more nutrition and sleep, so I may have to carefully watch my intake rather than nit-pick and calorie count. I will still keep tabs on calories, as that is a vital part to my success and would be great reference to me.

For the regular readers of my site, you all may have noticed 2 things… The first being the Snap site previews. Snap is a nice way for me to give you all a preview of the site I am talking about in my post. If it seems to make your loading slower, let me know and I’ll gladly remove it. I just thought it’d be good for the few times that you may want to mouse over no-safe-for-work material rather than view the full blown content. For those who like commenting, I have added Gravatar settings, so that if you have a Gravatar account, your universal avatar icon will show in my blog. Need a good example? Check out my post about returning to working out and Schpenke’s icon here. Gravatars are free so if you do feel that you want a way for people to associate with you, get signed up and you’ll see your results here and any other Gravatar enabled sites.

Stay safe and well everyone! I am about to do my gut-buster sets.

Food Log – Late Snack 3/22/2008

After passing out from exhaustion due to exerting my torn muscles around at work… I woke to do a soak in epsom salt and warm water. After a 1/2 hour soak, my body was already crying out for more fuel. I think I will have to listen to it to keep fueling my body… cause denying my body the fuel it needs to help the muscles grow is counter productive.

Rice Krispies cereal in silk soy milk (2oz serving) – 140 calories

Fun Sized Package of Teddy Grams – 60 calories

Food Log – Dinner and Snack

Family wanted me to sit and eat with them, so I had obliged. They had rice and fried tofu so I just had a bowl of rice and 2 pieces of fried tofu. Right now… I am just snacking on a banana and another cheese stick to mellow out and try to relax. Maybe it is time to amp up the caloric intake to help the repairing muscles. It would seem that it’s time to consider caloric burn deficits into the big picture.

Small bowl of rice (8oz) and 2 pieces of fried tofu – 450 calories (most being carbs which is good!)

Banana – 120 calories
Monterey jack string cheese – 110 calories

Grand Total: 2,120 calories

Food Log – 3/22/2008; Lamentations of Torn Muscle Healing

Today was rather a blur from the fact that I had to work through the pains of my recovering muscle. I have eaten rather well so I have no regrets. I would take my bosses advice and buy the true 100% whole wheat bread for sandwiches, some swiss cheese, packs of light albacore tuna for making lunches. I also bought some cheese sticks to pack as snacks in the case I get hungry and just need a light boost. Breakfast, I did a stack of my chocolate flavored whey protein and Crea-Tech Extreme. Lunch was 2 tuna & swiss sandwiches and a cheese stick. So far I am good, but I may need to tweak my caloric count up to compensate for my muscles healing as eating too low may defeat my gains. If any of you out there read and have ideas, please feel free to advise me. I am thinking of making 1,750 – 2,000 my minimal due to the fact that 1,500 feels like I am running on fumes of food…

Whey protein and L-Glutamine in Silk Soy milk (16oz) – 400 calories, 36 grams of protein
Crea-Tech Extreme, 1/2 portion maintenance dose – 150 calories,  5 grams of creatine monohydrate

Two whole wheat (100%), light tuna sandwiches with swiss cheese – 680 calories and 45.5 grams of protein
Monterey jack string cheese stick – 110 calories

Grand Total (before dinner) – 1,340 calories and 81.5 grams of protein