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The State of Zero and Rise of a New Project

Some may have wondered what’s with me disappearing all the sudden… I can safely say that I am not dead or gone. I am very much alive (however sick) today.

Back in late May, I was working with some friends on a potential project site (Project Cheddar Mash) that had no name… Around late June, we had a “soft” debut as Mash Those Buttons. Since late June, I have been cranking out quality posts for the site as well as editing posts from my peers. As the site is a video game review and culture site, I have also had the task of reviewing games and seeking contacts/links with publishers as well as members of the community. So far, I have a contact with Rockin’ Android as well as Aksys Games. My next few are (hopefully) Capcom, Atlus USA, possibly Namco Bandai USA. I will probably be pretty busy with working for MTB (Mash Those Buttons) this holiday season as it looks to be a packed holiday with tentative games coming out.

I will probably use this blog as a thinking space for my thoughts as well as a place to play with personal musings.

Black Dragoon in the Battlefield

I have been in many wars and seen much destruction in my days… Not like these past few months. To go from zealous warrior to a dragoon cast out from his unit for the battalion commander using questionable logic in a battle… It’s taken a toll and made me a jaded soldier on the academic war front. The fight no longer is about meaningless mortal concepts like “family honor”, “respect”, and “face”; it becomes a fight on the matter of personal dignity. The warmness of the soul dies… A casualty of war from fools who heedlessly had no perception of how morale can either produce quality units or make them useless. Break a soldier and he will mutiny the battalion or kill himself, even more if you keep trying to say the unit is only going to repeat his failures of the past. Encourage a unit and let them do battle and you may see the unit grow even stronger. Sadly my “commanding officers” don’t see it this way and only know “motivation” by breaking a person to a mindless slave that is useless when the master leaves or dies.

Sadly I have seen the “quality” unit churned out by the school of de-motivation and slavery. They have no sense of real world logic, rosy-sunglasses syndrome. On top of that they can’t handle the “devastation” of failure and own up to their mistakes! They HAVE to blame others who they feel are intellectually inferior to themselves! When a soldier cannot own up to accidentally killing a comrade, leading the enemy back to the command center, or ruining their own supply pack… They have to learn to go “I messed up but I can put myself to resolve things” instead of being a yellow bellied coward! This logic is essential to learning and evolving past old glories that have given false security to us slacking off. It is much like the mantra of war: “Evolve or DIE“. If you refuse to evolve, take chances, and get hurt… You will ultimately be killing yourself. If you fail, you can just pick up from the ramparts and retry again. If you succeed, you evolve! From failure and success, evolution is still possible.

I guess you could say that I am sadly exhausted of being the mindless slave unit. I am the drone who tasted freedom. To be told that the only way to become “superior” is to put a yoke on my mind and make it lazy, I desire not to have it. I’d rather fight under a banner of heroes who’ve decided to question logic than blindly obey.

Christmas from Zero

I wish my readers a happy holiday with my girlfriend Ebongrey and I hope you all have a great holiday! Enjoy this holiday safely and with much joy for this world.

“Born naked to this world and naked to this world I shall exit. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” – Job 1:21

Gyromancer – A Puzzle Game Remix

By the grace of Jamie, I was presented with Gyromancer a few weeks ago. To her, I thank her for it, because without her… I’d probably still have a bit of a hard time getting the game. =D

Gyromancer as many blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq have posted that the idea of the game started off basically as a joke, but somehow got taken seriously. The polish of the game is something very unique… The combination of both Square-Enix and Pop Cap Games is quite a fusion. The game has simple Pop Cap game mechanics of Bejeweled Twist but the story line of a strong Japanese fantasy RPG as you’d expect from Square-Enix. It’s truly a game that is easy to start, but hard to master.

The basic game play mechanic is to rotate sets of 4 gems clockwise and when you match 3 or more gems vertically or horizontally, you generate power for your monster to cast spells. Once your monsters fill a spell bar with energy, then the monster is able to cast its spells. The caveat is that to empower your beast’s spells, you have to match the gems that are aligned with your beast. If you match gems of the enemy monster, you risk empowering them much more.  In addition to this, there are also different monsters you can collect, but if you want to switch monsters… Your old one is considered “erased” in favor of the new monster. Thankfully,  monster levels are based off of your character levels. Early in the game, they do not penalize you for “Idle Rotations” where you don’t break gems… However, later on, it becomes much harder as an one poorly thought move can completely botch your game. You do have items that can help turn the tides of war to your favor, but these come by so few and far between.

I’ll spare the details and cut to the chase… If you like puzzle games, Gyromancer may be for you as long as you’re fully aware that there is a challenge element to it. Knowing that the challenge element could enrage you, know you may have to take breather breaks from knowing parts of the game are all purely based on luck. If you’re fine with that, then by all means do get this game! However, if you’re expecting a deep RPG just because you saw the hallowed Square-Enix logo, this is not what you’re looking for…

Gyromancer is currently available on Steam and Microsoft’s XBOX Live Arcade for $14.99 and 1200 Microsoft Points respectively. However… For the 360 version, the challenge maps are an extra 240 Microsoft Points (about $3 – $5) and healing items in-game are purchased for 20 Microsoft Points (about $0.50). I would recommend the PC to avoid being nickle-and-dimed as the challenge maps are included.

Oni-Con 2009 Report Coming Soon

I am still “jet lagged” from the convention insanity of Oni-Con… I confess that getting into an academic mood is one Hell of a feat when you had one smashing time of a weekend! Be ready for some sarcasm and snarky remarks as well as an enthusiastic look from a casual “animu” fan. Any laughs and comments that stem from the post will be well loved, as a lot of heart and soul went into my report. I regret the Marriott Westchase didn’t have any free wifi of sorts and $13/day for 512/512 speeds is bunk! I add in lamentation that lacking a digital SLR was a bit depressing as I would have killed for high resolution pictures, but maybe one day… Once images and report clean up is complete, expect an update here soon!

For you loyal readers, you may be in for a treat!

For my new readers, I extend a warm welcome to my haven!

Dragon at the LZ

So I am here at Commerce waiting at the dorm office which I have affectionately called the landing zone (LZ, for the tactical folks). The suspense of the clock ticking and me listening to music on my iPhone with my MotoROKR S305 to try numbing it all. I hope to taste freedom and begin anew. I have a new deck of cards to use and a new blade to meet the academic challenges. This year is different though as I has a gun I didn’t account for… My morale and support network of friends and fans. This should make for a little better battle. I plan to enjoy the day and relax after my sanctum is arranged again.

Lament of Summer

So the Texas summers are finally here and they are here with a vengeance. The days open up with an 83F morning and quickly rise to a 95+F afternoon (heat index of 105F) and then ending at 90F. The days almost feel lethargic and torturous. I know friends like Noirsword hate the idea of even travelling just to hang out in the afternoon.

Texas A&M Commerce thankfully fixed my financial aid this past Thursday. It was one of those “About $@#%+&!%# time!” moments in my life cause they have been working on my case since April. I know for the longest time I feared the expense of school, so being able to rest easy and sleep without worry is a huge load off my shoulders.

Summer classes will be upon me soon. It’s more remedial math to unblock my prerequisites. I pray I will get a good instructor unlike the stunt I pulled in spring semester of learning the entire semester in a 4 day cram-a-thon. I may see about more self study on calculus should I comprehend trigonometry.

Gaming has been a bit sad… A few members of The Order of Corrupted Souls are on vacation via real life or in other games like Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes/Villians, or NeoSteam. The few of us still gather in the Vent server to chat and socialize, so it’s all fun here.

I hope you readers are having plenty of fun out there and possibly in temperatures cooler than the Dallas area!

FREE Battlefield Heroes Beta Key!

I got one in my e-mail when I had signed up before the Curse Gaming offer came up so if anyone would like the Beta key, I’d be happy to pass it along… just leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.