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Ivy is a college student, and a self-proclaimed chaos specialist. She once claimed to be pope, and was recognised as such by a small group of Discordianists in North Carolina. She often talks of herself in the third person and is a Starbucks junkie. She writes primarily in proper English (British English to the rest of you) and loves Mediterranean food.

Leaves of the Lovestone Vine on Saint Valentine

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you all know too well what that means: romance and the consumerist frenzy! So here’s the deal, I feel us as Americans and maybe we as humans have more or less lost sight of the independent concepts of love and romance. I discovered that recently when challenging a friend to tell me a romantic story. It wasn’t terrible. It was cute and funny. Not terribly romantic. Maybe I am just hard to please. That’s entirely possible.

But more to the point… Who deemed flowers and candy and gasp maybe even jewelry to be essential to romantic evenings? It may be essential to you getting laid if you’re a straight guy. We chicks can be materialistic sometimes, but really it’s silly. Love isn’t wilting beauty, shiny metals, and empty calories. It’s about learning how to make the one you love happy.

Sometimes, this is harder to learn… It’s about letting them be happy even if it isn’t with you. Like many others out there I will be alone on Saturday in a metaphorical sense. Mostly because of just how difficult it can be to figure out how to go about letting go of something you had all too briefly… or not at all.

For the record I’ll toast to you all when we open the wine and hide our secrets behind an alcohol scented haze. Be happy even if you’re alone. Remember you’re one of the lucky ones if not.

Ivy out.


Where the name Ivy for some brings to mind the delicate vines adding décor to trellises, or the Ivy League, or the language.. I just so happen to be none of these things. On the other hand if you pictured a girl with a laptop yelling at perfect strangers on Ventrilo, that would be closer to accurate.

“Ivy” is actually short for “Iveya,” a nickname that originated in World of Warcraft and various other roleplay settings because no one could pronounce the name properly unless shortened. Eventually I gave in and it stuck. By this, you might have already guessed that I’m a gamer. Hooray for you, you smart people! Powers of deduction are great, don’t you think? I do in fact play WoW still, on the Shadow Council US server. In a sense, however, Ivy is separate from me because she is an online persona. But hey, we all have our masks…

On the more realistic and serious side of things, I am a dual major college student of English and Philosophy trying to better understand myself and the world through philosophy and all forms of written works. To me words are as much an art form as oil paints and charcoals. I often find myself thinking on things like what makes others truly happy, or staring up at the vast starry skies above and wondering what lies beyond. Everyone thinks on these things at some point, even if in passing, and I hope to inspire people someday to think past the everyday mundane and think for themselves.

I love intelligent debate and creative minds. I watch cartoons and am not afraid to laugh at ‘kids’ jokes. I take showers at three in the morning and climb into the spa at noon sometimes on weekends just to be doing something. I love everyone until they give me reason not to. I am neither democrat nor republican, but some abomination of both that supports all human rights and still wants to see everyone working for their own living. I own a chihuahua but dislike small dogs. I know the lyrics to every song I’ve ever heard but often can’t remember how to get to the grocer. I believe people should do what they want, when they want, but I understand why we can’t. I am scared easily, and I love watching horror movies alone at three in the morning. I enjoy contradiction, in ideologies and life.

Zero has been my friend for several years now and I am honored to be of help in any way I can. He holds a special place in my heart and always will because, if I have learned nothing else from him, he taught me that people can turn their lives around when they really try. He gave me proof that people can transcend their circumstances and become what they wish to be. As much as I like contradiction, I like seeing people happy and successful even more.

Chaos never died.

Ivy out.