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A Request: Philosophy Page and Etc.

A while ago, I added a philosophy page to explain my “ideal” of ZeroXR as a school of thought. I need some feedback on if it makes sense or if I should clarify things within it. If anyone wants to clarify things with me, please let me know. E-mail or comment me about anything that could use revision.

Anyone know any good anti-spam plug-ins for WordPress to prevent e-mail harvesting robots from grabbing my e-mail? If you do, let me know!

Trial: U3-K2 Theme

Found this little gem of a theme from browsing around the web and I will leave it up for now. It’s pretty slick and allows for backtracking to entries without having to reload the entire blog. The green and white create a serene color set and look pretty nice. If the theme ends up being annoying to you, let me know and I can revert back.

Seeking Feedback: Are the fitness posts inspiring?

ExxonValdeez from #ubuntu-dallas mentioned that he’s been inspired from my posts on ZeroXR 13mg that it has almost made him want to workout again. I know my friend April has been one of the more vocal people on the site to vocalize her cheers. I am curious about the other people feel about them.

I will still continue to post my results from each work-out, no matter the results. If there is a way to make them more informative or entertaining, please feel free to comment and let me know.